Lumin8 Live is our E-Venue, a streaming platform that showcases artist, and specialists for the purposes of education, and entertainment. Think of this as attending a concert or talk show from home, on any internet capable device. Lumin8 Live will also be made available to clients looking to stream their productions while utilizing Lumin8 Studios spaces. Streaming services and event calendar launching soon ! Lumin8 Live is also equipped to accommodate small private audiences during your stream as well (approx. 65-75 attendees) with a fully equipped stage, including stage lighting, PA system, and more !

Our format will consist of 45-60 minute streams based on a specific industry topics, including interviews, educational talks, and walk through's. In addition, to entertain our audience, Lumin8 Live will always feature a live performances by musicians, or other talented persons that aspire to inspire.