Founded by Joseph Davis Castleberry, Lumin8Records is a dedicated artist agency, with a modern outlook in contrast to current record labels and promotional entities. Lumin8Records represents independent and third party represented artists to help assist in their creative goals. Our primary objective is to combine the talents of many fields and artists in order to become a stronger machine, basically utilizing everyone's skills as the valuable resource. Our vision is to help artists get noticed and become financially stable using solely their talents and will. We will be representing musicians, comics, painters, digital artists, designers, photographers, film makers, editors, and much more.

Lumin8Records has it's own in house recording studio, photography studio, video studio, event space, and theater. We are here to help develop artists, by inspiring and motivating as well as building a strong business oriented perspective in their respective industry. We utilize our on site resources for training and guidance as well as marketing and promotion.

Producer, Engineer and Creative Director Joseph Davis Castleberry uses several pieces of modern and vintage equipment, most of which has been modified for a unique sound and tone not to be heard anywhere else. His extensive background in electronics and audio have guided him to create an environment that is truly unique and inspiring to artists. Some of his techniques for tone and effects are a little different, but the goal is always the same - to have creative freedom and fun, to find the best way to express yourself. The top priority at Lumin8 is to give everyone the tools necessary to bring their vision to life, and these tools are not always physical, but mental tools as well.

Manley Voxbox

One of our amazing preamps

Teletronix LA-2A

Neve 1073