1257 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

We are located in the Wicker Park area of Chicago. Just a half block West on Milwaukee Ave. from Ashland Ave. (The Blue Line "Division" stop)

With about 5000 square foot of space we can accommodate most studio and gallery needs.

The space was designed to have a very neutral yet versatile feel. I wanted to enable artists a chance to reuse the space several times, without looking like your at the same place each time you rent. Every way you look or turn in this space is a new location !!!



What are the studios hours of operation ?

You may schedule bookings from 7am-10pm.

Is it possible to start earlier than 7am, or stay later than 10pm ?

Yes, by request you may be able to start earlier or end later, but an additional cost may be required.

What is required to book a date ?

First you need to make sure the date is available, and to secure that date it will require a deposit.

May I come early to set up my equipment or build sets ?

Depending on the amount of time you book, there are certain grace periods extended to you. You may use these grace periods either before, or after your shoot.

1 - 4 hour booking get 15 minutes.

5 hour + bookings get 30 minutes.

May I come to see the space before deciding to book it ?

Of coarse, just call, or text to schedule a walk through. 815.505.6687 (Joseph)

What types of accommodations does your studio have ?

We have many things to make your shoot day easier on everyone. We have a craft area with a Keurig coffee maker, and amazing filtered water ready to drink. We have tall chairs for makeup artists, and hydraulic chairs for the hair stylist. There are clothing racks, a dressing room for the models and wardrobe stylists, several folding tables for whatever you may need them for, and random pieces of furniture than can be used for sitting, or in your shoots as a prop.

What kind of equipment is included with a rental ?

The only things that will be made available to you are light stands. We have several standard light stands, and 2 boom stands.

Do you have any rental equipment available ?

We do have some equipment available for rent, and are constantly adding more. Currently we have a few 600 watt studio lights, several light modifiers including soft boxes, reflector cups, and beauty dishes. Wireless transmitters are included with the light rentals.

In addition to basic studio equipment, there are also some extra items available that may be useful in a larger production or event environment.


4k 3D Projector with 160 inch electric drop down screen.

PA System : Powered speakers and subwoofer. Great addition to the projector if you planning on premiering a movie or music video. Good for professional audio as a speaker during presentations. Great for a DJ or Live performance of any kind.

Custom controlled lighting system - Stage Pars and Audience aimed lighting effects (beams, strobes, lasers etc.)

55 inch HDTV on a mobile cart, to use for presentations in any room, or as a second screen to the projection system.

We have up to 50 matching stack-able chairs - very comfortable with backs and large sized seats.

We have 3 plastic folding tables measuring approx. 6 ft. by 3 ft. , and 4 wooden top tables measuring about 6 ft. by 2 ft.

We have an incredible Mobile Bar to server drinks from, has an amazing stainless steel look with glowing LED's to add that extra cool vibe to your event.

Are there any areas of the studio that look less like a traditional studio ?

We have several non-studio looking spaces. We offer The Day Room and The Editorial Room within Studio, as well as many amazing locations right outside our front door, with easy find urban or rural looks nearby. The Day Room is a 12 foot by 32 foot space with 5 large windows and a hard wood floor "excellent sunlight", The Editorial Room is a 16x28 foot custom designed space with the ability to be transformed into several different looks and feels (has a white wall, wallpapered wall, wood paneled wall, and a brick wall) "excellent sunlight".

If I want to come in and record a song I wrote, what equipment do I need to bring ?

None. We supply the Mics, Preamps, and Headphones.

Is it possible to reschedule an event or shoot ?

Yes. If you notify us with less than 8 days till you event or shoot, there is a fee to change your date.

What happens to my deposit if I need to cancel a date ?

If the cancellation is at least 7 days notice or more we refund half - otherwise your deposit will be forfeit.



Studio A (Photo | Video | Events) Which includes all 4 different work spaces)

Non Event Rates

Start at $100 an hour for Monday-Friday and Sundays. Saturdays start at $125 an hour.

(Monday - Friday have 2 hour rental minimums, Saturday is 4 hour minimums, and Sunday is 3 hour minimums.)

Event Rates

Start at $500 for half day & $925 for a full day.


Studio B (Audio) Engineering, Producing, and Vocals.

Tracking and Engineering

$75 for the first hour, and $40 for each additional hour.

Mixing & Mastering

$100 per hour.



While utilizing Lumin8 Studios

Be respectful.

No smoking inside the space.

Leave the studio in the same condition you found it.

All renters are subject to signing a liability agreement prior to rental start time.
Liability for all items and entities on Lumin8 Studios property are the responsibility of the renter.